Guiding Principles

1.    ABC4All works with constructive influences within a community.

2.    ABC4All does not discipline others.

3.    ABC4All does not seek to set laws.

4.    ABC4All does not confront nor challenge existing political, religious or other influences.

5.    ABC4All presents opportunity where none may have existed before rather than attempting to change negative influences.

6.    ABC4All seeks to screen, research and then offer information void of potentially harmful ingredients which, when shared with others can lead to health improvement(s) for individuals, groups and the community at large. (The focus on "Achieving Health Heights" offers one example that can have a profound effect for anyone open to such trials.)

7.    ABC4All engages with people with the understanding there is an inherent desire to work towards self-determination and improvement in living.

8.    ABC4All operates in physical settings where no alcohol or drugs are consumed. Alcohol, for example, is known to kill brain cells when consumed. Such habit-forming substances are known to be harmful to humans and create influences over behavior rather than individuals determining their own behavior.

9.    ABC4All seeks to assist individuals, groups and the entire community to reach self-determination and therefore improved lifestyles.

10. ABC4All operates with the assumption that with improved lifestyles, persons will be more inclined to continue efforts towards self-determination and will better care for themselves and others.

11. ABC4All, finally, assumes that, with increased self-determination of individuals, there will be carryover into the community at large that also will become healthier, with a resultant increase in the prevalence of constructive societal trends.

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